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    A Synergic Triumvera



    To provide efficient, drug-free, high quality recovery services using the intrinsic synergies of various Alternative Medicine.

    To achieve the highest recovery rates possible while avoiding patients to undergo any medication and/or surgery.

    Group Recovery



    Our goal is to improve your own quality of life and, more broadly, independence of individuals.

  • Osteopathy

    The Search of Causes & Efficient Solutions


    Restore motility

    Pain Relief

    Restore function

    Body Balance

    Improve sport performance

    Infant Osteopathy

    Stiff neck, Flat head, Reflux, sleep disorder

    Pregnancy Osteopathy

    Prevent pain & body balance

    Child Osteopathy

    Scoliosis, Periostitis, Club foot

  • Traditional Chinese Medicine

    Understanding and Seeking how to activate mechanisms of healing and return to homeostatis.

    Soft Tissue Healing

    Sport injury Recovery

    Nerves System Healing

    Acute Nerves Damage Recovery

    Adjust Functional Disorder

    Insomnia Indigestion Emotional Disease

    Chronic Disease Control

    Metabolic Diseases

    Reproductive Health

    Painful / Irregular Menstruation


    Lift Up Facial Figure , Sallow wrinkles

  • Physiotherapy

    We let the results speak for themselves.

    Pelvic Rehabilitation

    Men’s & Women’s Health

    Relieve Pain

    Improve mobility

    Restore Function

    Improve Circulation

    Prevent Permanent Physical Disabilities

    Lymphatic Drainage

    Orthopedic rehabilitation

    Respiratory Therapy

  • Bio-Psycho-Social Approach

    An holistic approach of pain

    Chronic Pain Management

    Evidence Based 


    Work on factors 

    that influences your pain


    Neuroscience Education

  • Sports Osteopathy

    There's nothing wrong getting strong

    Sports related injuries

    Shin splints, tennis elbow, IT band etc.

    Resume physical activity

    As soon as possible

    Monitoring of sportsmen

    Injury prevention

    Achieving goals


  • Therapeutic Exercise

    Recover your strength and regain your body confidence by under the supervision of our Physiotherapist within the widest gym in DHCC


    After an injury, a surgery or an partial immobilization, we help you restore your lost functions and your overall body.

  • Synergic Treatments

    An efficient combination is always greater than the sum of individual efforts

    Efficient Protocols

    Combination of therapies

    Designed for YOUR Specific Condition





  • Multiple Specialties

    Osteopathy, Physiotherapy, Hydrotherapy, Chiropractie & Traditional Chinese Medecine

    Pelvic Rehabilitation

    Urinary Incontinence, Pregnancy-Related Pain or Dysfunction, Pelvic Organ Prolapse

    Frequency of Urination, Women or Men, post partum recovery, post surgery rehabilitation

    Infant Disorder Therapies

    Cerebral Palsy, Development Disorder

    Stiff Neck, clubfoot and cranial deformation, infant constantly crying, sucking disorder

    Physical Function Therapies

    Paralysis, Scoliosis

    Sport & Physical Rehabilitation

    Pain Relief Therapies

    Chronical Pain, hernia (disc slip), scars, arthrosis

    Respiratory therapy,

    Lymphatic drainage,

    Follow up of orthodontic works

  • Dr Emmanuel Hartmann



    Doctor in Osteopathy for almost 20 years,

    Dr E.Hartmann has specialized both in neonatology and perinatology while practicing as an Infant Birth Expert for 10 years in Arcachon Central.

    Vice President of Emirates Osteopathic Society


    Graduate from Paris Descartes University in MSc in Clinical Anatomy for examination and medical imagery, Dr E.Hartmann has been following and accompanying out of norms international athletes in rugby, sailing, gymnastic, golf, horse riding, mountain climbing, 160 km walkers…


    He was awarded the “Hopitaux de Paris /Hopitaux de France” Foundations Helioscope’s Award for his exceptional skills in interdisciplinary coordination. He has developed a strong occupational health experience by efficiently complementing orthopedics, orthodontics and post-surgery pain reduction/relief works.


    Furthermore, Dr E.Hartmann’s work has also being focus on various scoliosis patients and is used to work with handicapped patients suffering of para/tetraplegia, autism.

  • Dr Dominique Boudet



    Doctor in osteopathy since 20 years,

    She has graduated from A. T. Still Academy .


    She first worked in medical imaging and radiotherapy in France and Switzerland for 15 years.
    After completing her osteopathic studies, she opened her clinic in France.

    She has passed additional certificates in pediatric osteopathy and biodynamic osteopathy. With many years of experience in this area, she then focused her practice on children with autism, down syndrome, cerebral palsy and genetic diseases.

    Faithful to the osteopathic concept of the Uniqueness of the person, Dominique Boudet devoted her field of expertise mainly in psychosomatic therapy.

    She has developed and managed a multidisciplinary health association based on public health guidelines, to promote health practices and set up preventive health programs in Toulouse.

    Respecting each person in their different cultures and confessions, she worked as an osteopath for nearly 5 years in Malaysia where she taught cranial and visceral osteopathy and the osteopathic concept.

  • Dr Nicolas Bideau



    Doctor in Osteopathy

    Bachelor in Sports & Science


    Dr N. Bideau initiated his career in France by specializing in acute and chronic pain disorders. He is trained in Pain Neuroscience Education, and brings a bio-psycho-social approach to pain management for better outcomes in musculoskeletal complaints, with Evidence Based Practice.


    Prior he graduated in Osteopathic Manipulative Treatment, Dr Nicolas Bideau got a Bachelor in Sports & Science at the University of Paris Descartes. He has therefore expertise in Sports related injury and helps his patients to resume their physical activity by avoiding the risk of recurrent injuries.


    Dr. N. Bideau uses a wide variety of techniques to fill the specific needs of every patient from children to the elderly:

    • Joint mobilizations
    • High velocity low amplitude thrusts / spinal manipulations
    • Soft tissue techniques (including cranial & visceral osteopathy)
    • Muscle energy techniques
    • Harmonic techniques
    • Neurodynamic mobilizations


  • Dr Grace Yang Yang

    Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioner


    Dr Yang Yang has been practicing medicine for almost 20 years.


    She obtained her medical bachelor degree from Liaoning University of Traditional Chinese Medicine in 2000, got advanced studies and training for 1 year in Affiliated Hospital of China Medical University, and worked as a TCM doctor, specialty in soft tissue & nerves injury and functional disorder.


    She pursued further study at Dalian Medical University and was awarded a master degree 2010, meanwhile expanded her field of expertise, including chronic disease control, reproductive health and anti-ageing.


    She is rich in basic knowledge both western medicine and traditional Chinese medicine, is good at treating disease combined therapy and lifestyle management.


    She is open-minded, respects each person in different culture and faiths. She also studied psychology in order to promote health and wellbeing both physically and mentally.


    With passionate about functional and integrative medical approaches that honor the concept of holism, and following the principle of treatment based on individual unique characteristics, everyone will have a treatment plan that highly matches them which is the advantage and the feature of TCM.

  • Mrs Paula A. Riveros

    Physical Therapist


    Physical Therapist for almost 10 years.


    Paula completed her physiotherapy bachelor in Saxion Universities in Enschede, the Netherlands in 2010. Afterwards she specialized in pelvic physiotherapy.


    She treats a wide variety of disorders affecting the pelvis and the pelvic floor, in both, men as well as women.




    Pelvic physiotherapy


    Languages spoken

    English, Spanish, Dutch


    Her experience has taken place in the Netherlands, Netherlands Antilles and in the UAE.


    Her Specialties

    • Back and pelvic pain (pre and post-natal)
    • Diastasis recti (separation of abdominal muscles during pregnancy)
    • Involuntary loss of urine or feces
    • Difficulty urinating or defecating, frequency, Overactive Bladder
    • Pelvic organ prolapses
    • Dyspareunia, vaginismus (pain during intercourse)
    • Rehabilitation from surgeries in the pelvic are (pre and post-surgical)


    She have also a strong practice of management of chronical back pain.


    With the belief that being equipped with proper knowledge and skills combined with enthusiasm and passion in your chosen profession is important to achieve your treatment goal for your patient.


    Educating patients about their condition is also important to help meet their individual challenges and to build in them confidence to achieve optimal performance and well- being.

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